Fruit Collection

This project began as a doodle,  it was just as I was beginning to have an interest in print design and wanted a project I could start to work on with the idea of using it as postcards as well as a fabric design. I came up with the idea of hexagon fruit but this developed into octagons as they formed a rounded shape. The cross sections quickly developed into a collection which was then molded together to create designs. 

New Zealand Collection

As part of my Textile A Levels, I looked at designing fabrics that reflected New Zealand culture and traditional patterns. This led me to explore the Maori Culture. The strongest design from this project was the Hei Matau, The fish hook. I created a range of designs using different traditional shapes of the Hei Matau. These designs were then used for a fabric print. I also created a design using Koru’s (New Zealand Ferns) as well as a outlined native bird pattern

Dog Collection

For my A Level Graphics a project was given to advertise a imaginary dog food brand, Dr Barkers. Along with standard items such as posters I designed a gift with  this collar design to be gifted or purchased from the brand. The dogs where created as abstract vectors and then layered together to make the pattern.